Postgres – Introduction

PostgreSQL is an advanced, enterprise-class, and open-source relational database system. PostgreSQL supports both SQL (relational) and JSON (non-relational) querying.

PostgreSQL is a highly stable database backed by more than 20 years of development by the open-source community. PostgreSQL development is performed by a team of mostly volunteer developers spread throughout the world and communicating via the Internet. It is a community project and is not controlled by any company. PostgreSQL is used as a primary database for many web applications as well as mobile and analytics applications.

Use cases of PostgreSQL

  • LAPP stack – LAPP stands for Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP (or Python and Perl). PostgreSQL is primarily used as a robust back-end database that powers many dynamic websites and web applications.
  • Transaction – Large corporations and startups alike use PostgreSQL as primary databases to support their applications and products.
  • PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extension supports geospatial databases for geographic information systems (GIS).

Who is using PostgreSQL?

Companies like Apple, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Cisco, Juniper Network, Instagram, etc are using postgresql.


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