About Me

I love coding as you might know. If you have not figured that out by now just look at the name of this site. Software development is not an easy thing to do but I believe anyone can do it if they put in time and effort. You know the saying that goes “Where there’s a will there is a way”, that is exactly what it takes to learn not just coding but anything you want. I love solving technical problems, specifically problems that make customers go WOW! or YOU CAN DO THAT? Everytime I get that expression from employers or customers, it just makes me feel really good and so proud. I hope that sharing my technical skills can help you and make a difference in your coding life.

I have 10+ years of experience in Software development and have worked in different industries, from Education to Cars to Government to Ecommerce to Health care. I have been in small startups, mid-size and big organizations. I love the opportunity that I have here to share my thoughts and learning with you. I have how-to tutorials, code snippets, study guides, and interview questions which I think can help you solve your coding problems.

What I am aiming to accomplish on this website is two things. First I would love to help, anyone who would like to try programming as a career path, to have an understanding of what they need to know to get started. Secondly, I hope my tutorials will help you find solutions to your issues, errors, or bugs that you face daily in software development. I find Stackoverflow userful but I feel like it is cluttered and full of hacks. What I am sharing here is mostly from the language official documentation or custom solutions that I do my best to create. If you find something inaccurate please post a comment and help me understand it better.

My expertise is in both the backend and frontend. I enjoy backend a little more because that is where the logic of the software is developed and maintained. It’s where the rubber meets the road as they say. I love working on frontend stuff because it creates smiles on people(customers)’s faces. Being able to create a whole application from front to back is something I love doing. I can’t imagine myself only knowing one piece. It would be frustrating for me to have an application that only one part works. Knowing both backend and frontend goes a long way. As a fullstack dev, you have a lot more job opportunities coming your way.



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