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Firstly, don’t develop all on your own. You need to constantly share your thoughts and ideas with your team members. You might think that what you are building is correct but it may not be. Having your team members look at our work can not only help them understand what you are doing but also help you get feedback on your work. If they will ever need to work on the same piece of software you are working on they will have an idea of what to do or where to start.

It is very helpful when debugging a bug to know the idea and the principle around the feature you are fixing. A lot of times a developer works on a feature but then he takes a vacation while you need to fix a bug on that feature. Without having an idea of what was implemented it is going to take longer for you to fix the bug. You will have to read the documentation and the code to understand what needs to be fixed. But if that developer was actively sharing his ideas and thoughts you will be almost able to figure out quickly where to go and how to fix the issue.


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