Hasura – Deployment

Deploying or Running Hasura on AWS ECS Fargate

Create a Task Definition

  1. Use the right hasura docker image
  2. Environment variables must be present
  3. Host port and Container port must be the same to work. I tried having container port different from host port and that did not work for me
  4. Size
  5. Leave “Operating system family” alone.
  6. Leave entrypoint or any command alone.
  7. Make sure that the ecs execution role has previliges to access other aws parties your app needs. Things such as secret manager, sqs, email, etc.

Create a Service using your Task Definition

  1. Fill in the Service details
  2. For security group, create a new security and make sure that group has access to and from database, third party APIs, or other aws services that call your service
  3. Make sure you only include AZ zones that are allowed by your load balancer.
  4. Add load balancer
  5. Add health check /ping
  6. Allow your server to boot up and be healthy before load balancer starts checking for its health



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