Spring Boot Introduction

Hello and welcome to my spring boot tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to learn about spring boot and how we can use it to create APIs, web services, and web applications. Spring boot is very easy to set up and to use for development.

This tutorial is for you if you are:
1. Learning the spring framework for the first time.
2. Learning spring boot so you can move from spring.
3. Coming from another stack like LAMP.

We expect you to know basic java for this tutorial. If you are not familiar with java please go through our java tutorial first.

We are going to develop an ecommerce site that we can use to show how spring boot or spring works in a real application.

Our expectation for you once you are through with this tutorial is:
1. Know how to create a spring boot application.
2. Know and understand why spring is so popular.
3. Know and understand how spring boot accelerates software development.
4. Know and understand how spring boot receives and responds to HTTP requests.
5. Know and understand how to upload and download files.
6. Know and understand spring dependency injection.
7. Know and understand the spring bean life cycle and definition.
8. Know and understand how spring uses an ORM such as Hibernate and JPA to perform database operations.
9. Know and understand how to use spring security to secure API endpoints.
10. Know and understand how to use AOP.

*** At the end of this tutorial, you should know how to develop a full web API ***

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