Good Drawing



Writing pseudo code is very important for developers to understand. Not only is it important to read pseudo-code but also to write it. Make sure your pseudo-code is clear and easy to understand. Sometimes you can tell how good of a developer someone is but how well they write pseudo-code.

Flow diagram

When trying to brainstorm or tackle a bug it is a great idea to use a flow diagram. By using a flow diagram or chart you can see how the program flows from point a to b to c and all the way to the final destination. I have used this technique a lot when I’d be stuck with something I couldn’t seem to figure out. Once the flow diagram is complete in front of me, almost 99% of the time, I could literally point to where my issue was. It helps you focus on the big picture and not get buried in the details.

Make sure you use boxes and circles for steps or entities and triangles for decision. Use arrows to signal flows.




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