Patience is something a lot of developers, even just people in general, don’t have a lot of. Software development is a team thing. Unless you are developing your own software, working on a software application requires a team to work together.

Understanding others

In your team, there can be members who are not very technical in which case you will have to explain yourself in a non-technical way about a decision you have made or an idea you have. Some people are quick with understanding your point and some need time to think and process what you are talking about. You need to be patient with yourself. Be patient with people while they are trying to understand you.

A lot of people don’t understand how hard programming is or can be. Sometimes people may give you a task without realizing the scope of what they have asked for. You as a developer know that great software takes time to code and test but others who aren’t developers may not. Take the time to explain why things may not be as simple as they think and answer any questions they might have. Remember to be patient and speak calmly. I have been in discussions where there were different types of people involved in which case developers had to explain simple technical things so others could understand.

It could be frustrating for you as a developer to break down technical terms but it is what it is. It is part of the job and great developers take the time to speak non-technically. Once you do it two or three times you will get used to it and it will just become second nature.

Be a good team member

Be patient with your dev team members when they ask for help. It will be a great way for you to gain their trust by helping them with whatever issue they are having. It is also a great way for you to explain what you know so that it sticks in your head more. Things I have learned today or yesterday stick more just because I take the time to explain them to someone else.


Programming can be hard as you might know. A bug can be dealt within a short period of time or it might take hours, days, weeks, months even years to fix. You need to endure through the struggles. You learn more through the struggles than when you don’t have them. People will like to work with you if you pull through and not run away when things get hard. Sometimes I pull my team together and we swarm on a show stopper bug that one of my team members is dealing with. Perseverance will take you far as a developer.



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