If you want to take your skills to the next level you need to work on your networking skill. Networking skill is what’s going to connect you with people in your community who know and have done what you are looking for.

Tech Meetup

I suggest you go to tech meetups that are related to the technologies you want to learn or master. Even if you just wanted to keep up with a technology you have been using for awhile. It’s a great place for you as a developer to listen and learn what others have done and found in their research. In many cases, people at meetups are just like you in that they are there to learn and network. I have heard stories of people who met at a meetup and they started to learn together which helps their learning process.

Another reason to be in meetups is that there are people there with great and extensive experience that can help and guide you in your search. People go to meetups not only to learn but to share knowledge. It’s a great place for companies to find potential candidates or employees. You as a developer have the opportunity to show case your skillset in the discussion as well as the opportunity to connect with these companies. 

If you want a partner to start a company with tech meetups are the way to go. Tech meetups are full of people who want to learn, grow, and build ideas.

Online Community

Another great place to be in is an online community. Nowadays it’s not just one place. You might have to join a couple of online communities dependening on the technology you want to learn. For me I have joined a couple of communities via facebook and linkedIn. All you have to do on your linkedIn account is search for your technology of learning, for example Java, Python, Javascript, etc. You will see many options of communities to join. 

An online community is also a great place for you to learn from others as well as sharing your knowledge. Make your presence known in these communities if you want to give yourself a chance to find a job or someone to start a side hustle with.



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