A graph data structure is a collection of nodes that have data and are connected to other nodes.

Let’s try to understand this through an example. On facebook, everything is a node. That includes User, Photo, Album, Event, Group, Page, Comment, Story, Video, Link, Note…anything that has data is a node.

Every relationship is an edge from one node to another. Whether you post a photo, join a group, like a page, etc., a new edge is created for that relationship.

A graph is a pair (V, E), where V is a set of nodes, called vertices, and E is a collection of pairs of vertices, called edges.



Applications of Graphs

  • Representing relationships between components in electronic circuits
  • Transportation networks: Highway network, Flight network
  • Computer networks: Local area network, Internet, Web
  • Databases: For representing ER (Entity Relationship) diagrams in databases, for

    representing dependency of tables in databases

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